Are you really going to pay me to move?

Yes. Landlords are always seeking tenants with a dependable income source, solid landlord referrals, and a history of paying their creditors on time and in full. Every year landlords will pay out millions of dollars to tenant-finding services. By going through our service, landlords and tenants can ease the leasing transaction by doing most of the leg work online while saving money and time.

How do I know I will get the unit I see online?

An independent third party has physically inspected all of the units listed on LeaseYourPlace.com to ensure that the unit being depicted online matches what the tenant will receive. In the event, that the tenant feels the ad misrepresented the unit available, we urge you to contact us immediately and we will work to resolve the issue.

I see a unit I like. How do I rent it?

Please visit the “Apply to Move” page to get started.

When do I get paid?

You will receive a check approximately 2 weeks after the start of your lease.

My credit, income and/or landlord references are not great. Should I still apply if I see a unit I like?

You are welcome to apply to rent any unit you see on our site, but the landlord of each unit makes the determination if your credit, income, and landlord references meet their standards.

Why should I rent a place without seeing it first?

An independent third party has verified all of the units on this site. We ensure that photos and descriptions accurately depict the unit you are applying to rent.

I really want to see the unit prior to signing the lease. Can I see it?

In the event you want to see the unit prior to signing the lease, you agree to forgo any cash back upon signing the lease.


How can I list my place with you?

Follow this link to start the process. https://www.leaseyourplace.com/preview/property

What if the tenant I meet is not who applied?

This is fraud and should be reported to LeaseYourPlace.com immediately. Do not give possession of the unit to this person.

Why should I rent to someone site unseen?

Responsible tenants are evaluated based on credit, landlordreferences and substantial income. They are not chosen based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and/or handicap. As long as their credit, references and income meet your criteria, you should have a successful tenant/landlord relationship.

Can I list with other services or show it on my own?

Yes. We are a non-exclusive listing company. We don’t charge you a dime until you have approved of the tenant, and signed the lease. However, if you have pending application, we require that you hold off on leasing to a different tenant until this tenant’s credit check is returned

So I am never going to meet the tenant before they move into the unit?

That is correct. However, you will be provided with a detailed credit report, verification of the tenant’s income, as well as previous landlord references where applicable.

When do I meet the tenant?

At the lease signing. After you approve of the tenant’s income level, credit report and landlord references, the tenant and you will agree on a time to meet at the unit and sign the lease. You will verify that the tenant’s state ID matches the background check and sign the lease for the unit.

When do I pay?

When a tenant signs the lease and pays the 1st month’s rent, we will retain 50% of the rent as our fee and you will receive the remainder of the first month’s rent within two weeks. The tenant’s 1st month rent is considered “paid in full” when we receive the rent.

What if I don’t like the tenant’s application?

A landlord can always decline an application prior to agreeing to sign the lease. In the event that the tenant committed fraud, lied, or stated inaccurate information, on the application, you are not obligated to rent to the tenant. However, it is illegal to refuse to rent to a tenant based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and/or handicap.

What do I get for paying ½ month’s rent?

As landlords ourselves, we understand that tenants with excellent credit, sufficient income and outstanding landlord references are the key to running a successful real estate business. We screen prospective tenants for you, so you can focus on quickly filling vacancies, increasing revenues, having fewer evictions, and reducing the stress of running your rentals. We are so confident in our ability to fill your vacancies that when you list with us, you enter a non-exclusive listing agreement. This allows you to cancel your ad with us at any time prior to reviewing an application. We are committed to placing high quality tenants in your unit so you will list with us in the future. By automating the leasing process we are able to charge less for finding tenants than traditional leasing agents while providing superior tenants.


Do you accept properties for rent from agents?

At this time, we only accept properties submitted by owners looking for tenants. We will accept agent represented properties in the near future.